Sweet Pork Tacos withe Cilantro Lime Slaw

Sweet Pork Tacos withe Cilantro Lime Slaw

I love browsing the web for new ideas to write about, new ideas for crafts or new ideas for spending family time. One of the blogs I landed on recently through StumbleUpon, was Make It & Love It.

I got to Make It & Love It when I was looking online for a new recipe for a light and refreshing desert (yeah you know me and my refreshing deserts). Ashley, the blog owner, recently posted a heavenly recipe for a Creamy Strawberry Pretzel desert which as soon as I saw the pictures she posted I knew I have to make it and try it. So I did, see my post on it here. It was a hit not only with my family but with my friends too. So I went back to her blog to see what other awesomeness was served :) .

I probably spent 4-5 hours on her blog reading all sort of posts she had made throughout the years. Anything from crafts and decorating to recipes and re-purposing. I had no clue when the time flew by but next thing I know my kids were

Re Finish an old dresser

Courtesy Make It & Love It

screaming cause the dinner wasn’t ready. I had to stop my reading for the evening and go tend to the angry tummies :) . I think I printed over 10 recipes from her site – yes I know some are not exactly all hers but who really cares they are delicious never the less – but so far only had time to make 2, the strawberry pretzel desert and the strawberry slushy.

As far as the crafts go, well myself for one I probably won’t attempt any of them and not because I would not die to have some of the cute things she makes but only because my sewing skill set is no were to be found on this planet. My husband has to go to my mom to get a button sewed on lol. Yes I really am that bad. But her tutorials and ideas for crafts and decorating are unique, easy to follow (well if you have some basic sewing skills) and they are full of pictures for every step of the tutorial. Strongly recommend that you try them and don’t let my lack of skills intimidate you.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials from the blog and maybe you guys can too give it a try and by all means check out her blog and get to see what this amazing woman can do with an

cell phone holder

Courtesy Make It & Love It

empty lotion bottle…(get your minds out of the gutter..:) )

Well those are just a few of my favorites but the site is just filled with awesome ideas and tutorial so head over that way and see what you can find that sparks your interest.

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